How to break your suitcases

After the Opera Atelier tour for The Magic Flute and finishing up in the COC Ensemble studio last May, I ran off to Ireland. It was time to escape and see the world again!  I travelled through a bit of Ireland (where I had a gross, four day altercation with an oyster, but it was delightful prior), did some auditions in Europe and had a two day beach vacation with a friend.  I then boarded the MS Europa for The Stella Maris Competition and it was such a wild time!  I loved it!  We traveled through the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, hopped around Spitsbergen, saw the Nordkapp and had bonfires on a glacial island that required polar bear security guards to protect us.  It was so extraordinary and surreal, especially with no “night time.”  The cruise and the competition were both incredible experiences and I learned so much. I even knocked another item off of my bucket list in seeing the Blue Lagoon!  You should go.

After the amazing experience at sea, I had to return to Toronto for a bit until leaving again for Vienna, where I based myself during a European audition tour.  That is how I broke an entire set of luggage, but on the way I took in so many incredible experiences and have so much more to offer in life and on the stage.

My travels looked a little like this: Through Ireland, Berlin, Madrid, Antibes, Paris, Hamburg, Faroe Islands, A few places in Norway, amazing places on Spitsbergen, Reyjkjavik, Akureyri, Oslo, Toronto, Haliburton, Vienna, NYC, Paris, Essen, Berlin, NYC, Terrace, Victoria, Vienna, Oxford, Prague, London AND now over to San Francisco and Arizona.  13 countries in 8 months. Hello aeroplan, I love you too.

Here’s to breaking the wheels off suitcases and jet lag!

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  1. Micki Smart
    January 25, 2014, 1:24 am

    Interesting blog. Wow what a schedule. It is good that you also had some ‘down’ time. Best wishes Ambur.

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