So that was fun.

Our Ensemble Studio performance of Tito was a couple of days ago and it was inspiring and educational on so many levels. The most important being that the role was the most thrilling character I have ever pieced together and I cannot wait for another opportunity to take her for a spin.  My main goal was to confuse the audience about what Vitellia was really about and to show her vulnerable side. Yes, she’s passionate, but the main issue here is that she hates herself so much and continuously reacts in four cyclical characteristics in order to survive: Snaky, Needy/Childish, Vicious & Seductive. This resulted in a bit of an exorcist-type scene at the end when it all unravels. She’s incredibly sad and there is so much truth to this role.  It was awesome to have so many brilliant coaches and directors around to bounce ideas off of.  I’m so grateful to have the best of the best around the COC.

The other thing that I learned was that I could perform under ridiculous circumstances – I had a viral chest infection with a fever and the most weak and achey body. I was quite literally walking like a cro-magnon backstage. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug, I’ve said it before.

The most important people that night were those surrounding me at home, backstage and in the pit – helping me focus (“pretend you’re in Hawaii – everything is warm and calm!”), carrying me, bringing bananas and calming me down – so that I could do the best that I possibly could for those incredible people in the seats that night.  I’m the luckiest girl around. Thank you.

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  1. May 24, 2013, 9:12 pm


    I love this. Your depiction of the character and your experience playing her is delightful and alive. And, yes–adrenaline is a force that beats the odds!

    Go you.

    See you in the States!


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